Why Should You Stop Using Plastic Bags for Grocery Shopping?

Plastic bags are not as durable as reusable bags. These single-use bags are harmful to the health of wildlife. Accidental consumption of these bags by terrestrial and marine animals results in their death. Besides this negative impact caused by plastic bags, there are several other reasons why you need to stop consumption of plastic bags for your grocery shopping needs.

Why plastic bags are called single-use bags?

Plastic bags are called single-use plastic bags because they are designed for single use. This is because you can repurpose or recycle them like paper and other materials. Custom bags are one of the trusted manufacturer companies that provide the most durable and environment-friendly bags for customers. Made with the best quality recycled materials, these bags last for a long time and saves money too.

How plastic bags harm our environment?

Enormous amounts of plastic bags are seen to end up in the oceans and in the stomach of the marine animals who reside in those oceans. This is due to the current recycling system that is unable to recycle specific types of plastics.

Looking at the side effect of these bags, China has initiated a ban on use of plastic bags last year. PET is one of the type of plastics that are hard to be processed. This type of plastic is used in the form of preparation of soda bottles. Another widely used type of plastic is HDPE. Same like PET, it is also hard to recycle. This is a milky form of plastic that is widely used for cleaning products.

Most of the recycling amenities do not have capabilities to sort and process different types of plastics correctly. Due to which there are chances that it will land up in the ocean. For people who really want a plastic-free world, should change their focus from recycling plastic to lowering its consumption and opting for reusable materials.

How to reduce the harm caused by plastic bags on the environment?

Avoid purchasing plastic shopping bags

Choose to reuse whatever bags you have in your house. A plastic bag that is used for just twelve minutes, can take around hundreds of years for its decomposition. Reusable tote bags are the best shopping bag alternative that you can start using for your grocery shopping needs.

Don’t buy products that are packed in plastic

One of the ways by which you can reduce consumption of plastic is by looking for fruits and vegetables that are ‘naked’ i.e., without any packaging. This way, a buyer can easily select the proper amount, minimize food wastage and packaging too.

Choose glass or paper packet products

At the time of purchasing packaged products prefer buying the ones that are packed in paper and glass material. This goes for peanut butter, pasta sauce, cooking oils, salsa, etc.


Having known the adverse impact of plastic bags, it is a wise decision to stop its consumption. Use the above tips to replace plastic bags by eco-friendly reusable bags.