Which One Among Tower, Blade, And Rack Servers Should You Choose For Your Business?

Heading to buy a new server for your organization? Well, you must first consider your choices while buying it. There are basically three options when looking out for company servers. They are tower servers, rack servers, and blade ones. Let’s help you out in choosing the most appropriate one for you!

Top basics about Tower Servers

The HP tower servers appear to be normal boxes loaded with awesome software tools for its management. They are indeed very powerful. They generally cost you roughly the same amount as the desktop computer.

They are compact and can be used in the work spaces that aren’t specially designed to place the servers. So, you don’t need any kind of exclusive data room to install them.

Their robustness and simplicity makes them ideal choice for the small company. Plus, the HP tower server requires very negligible maintenance. Since the data is basically stored in single tower rather than being distributed across several machines, it can easily be identified physically as well as on company’s network.

Some facts about Blade Servers you need to know

Well, the categories of server are so far the latest development in the pool of different servers. As their name suggests, they are compact and slim just like blades. They slide vertically in specially designed chassis.

They usually meet IEEE standard of the Rack units. It means that the complete Blade system can be easily placed with other electronic machines inside the rack.

They generally use single feed that is positioned on host compartment. They offer great processing power and takes up very less space. They even use lesser energy as compared to other types of servers. For this great level of performance, it is obvious that this category of server can be more expensive than other alternatives.

Rack Servers

These servers are the ones that are mounted inside Rack. Some hardware vendors offer extra software tools that can help you to manage these servers as well as other supported devices effectively.

This server is specially designed to be placed in a bay. It allows other devices to be stacked up on top of each one in large tower. The bay can accommodate all the hardware equipment that the company requires to function well. This hardware equipment involves storage devices, server, and network and security appliances as well.

The HP 2U rackmount servers have all its components located in same place. So, it makes it pretty much easy to maintain the system and manage the connections as well. It also offers great flexibility, since it allows you to install numerous servers in same bay.

They are an expensive choice than the tower servers, but come with more storage capacity. Hence, they are ideal for micro-business or medium size business as well as small businesses where information technology is the top priority.

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