What Is the Right Way to Decide Budget for Your AV Event?

A substantial amount of your corporate event budget is dedicated to expenses incurred on audiovisual services. These expenses can drastically increase and differ widely depending on the location.

To prevent your budget to go overboard, it is important to devise a well-designed event planning strategy, meticulously attend to the actual fine print and negotiate creatively with your AV firm and vendors. All these actions will assist you in saving dollars while delivering the best quality AV event.

Equipment Requirements

Audiovisual equipment is another major aspect that can easily increase your expenditure. Equipment is a wide term that includes screens, projectors, microphones, computers, easels, podiums, and a variety of administrative supplies.

Items that are provided by the site such as staplers, paper, markers, clips, power cords, surge protectors and flip chart paper, can come under hidden expense and that when added can become a big expense at the completion of the event.  So, it is important to take this aspect into consideration when planning an AV event.

To make substantial savings, all you can do is to bring your own AV equipment and supplies to the venue as much as you can and hire external vendors for A/V rental service. This will help in reducing the overall cost of AV event execution.

Cut the Add-ons

Once you have properly made your AV event plan, you need to review it precisely in terms of cost. This will help you to reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenditure. Your AV plan along with the budget will act as a guideline for the execution of the event and restricting it within limits. This will result in saving money. Keep your AV strategy as affordable as it can without fully compromising on audience appeal and quality.

Labor Logistics

Another important area where it has been seen that costs add up very quickly is “labor”. To prevent overspending in this area it is important to get a detailed understanding of the different components of labor charges that you are going to incur.

This will help in effective negotiation of pricing and separating out tasks that you and your AV support professionals can do on their own. Control cost of labor by contracting for an hour of setup and dismantle and identifying your own AV support. This will help you save from hefty labor costs.

Complementary and discounted services

Ask the venue as to what types of discounted or free services they provide. This can include using site equipment like walkie-talkies at the time of setup or execution of the event. It can also be other items such as podiums, microphones, or easels. Each and every item that can be removed from the price list of the venue can result in significant cost savings.

Selective Installation

Another good strategy to cut down on AV costs is to install A/V equipment in selected rooms where you actually need it.  Make a list of all those rooms that would need placement of AV equipment as meticulous space planning can lead to substantial savings.


To prevent exceeding the budget, it is important to follow these tips. These important considerations will definitely help you keeping your AV expenses within your spending capacity.