Top Reasons That May Result Into Loss Of Your Precious Photos From Your Memory Card!

These days, memory cards are most preferred and reliable storage medium to save photos. After all, they are supported by every device including drones, laptops, digicams, etc. However, it may get a bit difficult at times to store the digital pictures for longer times in them.

There are many reasons including formatting, accidental deletion, corruption, or virus infection that can result into loss of pictures stored on them. Now you might have a question that how to find deleted photos, right? Well, this article will help you not only to find out the reasons causing photo loss, but will even guide you on things you must do to recover them!

Top reasons responsible for photo loss from the memory card

There is an ample of reasons right from technical glitches to improper handling that may cause loss of the pictures that are stored in memory card. The following are some of the most common ones that you can try avoiding and preserve your photos for much longer duration in your memory card.

  • Pulling out memory card without turning off camera
  • Virus infection in memory card
  • Accidental deletion
  • Clicking photos without giving enough time to camera to write over memory card
  • Clicking pictures even when the battery of your phone or camera is low. It will interrupt the photo writing process
  • Improper removal and insertion from card reader, camera, computer, and other such devices
  • Sudden power failure
  • Using same memory card in various devices without formatting it

Important things to know if photos are accidentally deleted from memory card

Before we get the answer of how to recover lost photos, let’s first know some essential things, before getting into the recover process. The following are some important considerations.

  • Is your memory card locked?
  • Is there anything tangible which is stopping card from being read by computer or camera? It is possible that sometimes your camera might read the card but not your computer. In such case, you can try another computer to get it read.
  • Is lock on card bumped? Some might not be aware of lock on SD card that may cause malfunctioning issues in case they get damaged.
  • Ensure to check that metal contacts on card are neat. You can easily clean it with the help of cotton swab and remove dirt or dust. Just be careful with this process.

Role of recovery program to recover photos

While you can get an ample of recovery software or programs that claims to be best, not all are trustworthy. You need to choose just the best one like MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software which can help you recover raw files of all of the formats including CR2, ARW, RAF, etc. In fact, it is even listed as one of the most popular and reliable data recovery tool on Lightstalking deleted photos recovery software reviews!

Moreover, this application is quite easy to use. All you need is to just select drive or the memory card, scan it, and then save files in safe location!

So now you know how to recover your lost photos, right? Just ensure that you do it the right way using the right photo recovery tool!