The Negative Impact of Cyber Attacks on Your Small Business& How Sandboxing Can Help

“Oh, I don’t need malware security – cyber attacks can’t happen to my small business!” Oh, they can and they do! Small businesses are just as susceptible to cyber attacks as large businesses, if not more so. This is because large businesses take active measures to protect their online property and private information, while small business owners assume that cyber attackers have no interest in their virtual estate. This is exactly the attitude that cyber attackers look for. FireEye understands that the risk of a cyber attack is always prevalent, however, which is why they invest in advanced malware detection technology such as malware sandbox.

Due to the ever-increasing threat of malware software, sandboxing has proven to be far more superior than any other malware detection technique out there, as it creates an analysis environment in which suspicious programs are observed instead of reacted to. This gives businesses of all sizes the ability to be proactive in their cyber security as opposed to reactive, thereby changing the face of malware security entirely.

Sandboxing Detects the Nature of an Attack

Cyber attacks are typically hard to anticipate, as the nature of the crime is so random. There are typically two types of attacks that businesses undergo: theft and digital vandalism. However, within those two categories, there is theft of customer records, financial information and even trade secret information, while digital vandalism can include viruses, malware, attacks on the character of a business or denial of service. Typical malware detection software has a hard time pinpointing the nature of an impending attack; because malware sandbox observes the malware software for some time, however, it can detect the nature of an attack before it happens, thereby allowing businesses to take active measures to protect themselves.

Why Your Business Needs Sandboxing Technology

Cyber attacks can negatively impact every aspect of your business. From the loss of your reputation to the cost of fixing the issue, and from a decrease in consumer confidence to the loss of capital and assets, cyber attackers hit where it really hurts. Then there are the legalities you would need to contend with in the event that customers’ personal and financial information is jeopardized. As a business owner, it is your job to implement property security measures, and if you fail to do so, you could be held legally liable. As a small business, it is hard to come back from such a blow.

FireEye’s malware sandbox was designed to protect you from such negative implications. If you thought you didn’t need malware security before, hopefully this article will make you reconsider. Don’t risk the integrity of your business, and invest in malware detection software today.