SEO Tool Helps To Attain Your Websites Real-time Progress Tracking And Enhance The Weaknesses

SEO professionals helps to optimize your website for better rankings, attract visitors and dramatically reduce your overall marketing expenses. For small business owners, it becomes necessary to find an answer for the question ‘How good is your SEO’?

Well, there is SEO software available online, which provides a basic optimization report instantly. It is the best and simple option for small businesses to evaluate their own website in terms of SEO.

Professional companies also makes use of this software along with manual SEO techniques.

Some benefits of SEO software

  • Relatively cheap and fast option
  • Handles time-consuming task like website audits easily
  • Accurate and updated information related to your keyword ranking
  • Competitive analysis includes they keyword density, backlinks, tags, Meta tags, and content. You get an idea of what works
  • Schedule SEO tasks and thus saves your time

General view report is generated by the SEO tool. This report is sent to you in a PDF format as well as tool manager. The results of monitoring are against the top two competitors in your niche (competitive analysis). You will also be provided with suggestions or how to take care of the issue.

General view factors


Keyword monitoring gives you an idea of your website visibility related to keyword provided. Thus, you can take necessary steps. For example, if your organic visibility for a specific keyword is 68%, then it is good news because around 70% seekers click on 1st three results.

Suggestion – Just tweak existing web pages to increase website popularity and attain better positions in major search engines.


Content monitored provides information about the number of pages indexed on search engines. For example, if your content reports 45% pages indexed, then it is not a good sign.

Suggestion – Content needs to be engaging, but if it is generic or bland, then traffic leaves instantly. User experience is given priority in Google algorithm to enhance your content quality.


The technical report gives you an idea if the basic features of website settings are right or not. It includes homepage load speed, HTML & XML site map, analytics software installed, URL’s, Robots.txt File and more.

Suggestion – If the technical reports shows 82% means technically some elements on your website are sound but a few features need to be taken care of urgently because Google has become less liberal. Uncovering technical dilemmas that are affecting your rankings within seconds allow you to handle them, before it is too late.


Popularity reports include your sites page ranking, inbound links, related to social media presence like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Suggestion – If the report displays 35% popularity then obviously it is regarded as low level recognition. Marketing your site and improving its authority needs to be the aim for successful online campaign. Website popularity plays a vital role for high ranking.

Professional SEO Company can benefit

Professionals SEO agency can impress their customers creating attractive reports on their company design template customizing it with their own logo, headers & footers, colors, and more. PDF reports or responsive web-based reports can be created. There will no sign that the agency has used an SEO analysis tool.