Planning Your Business Website

A professional website can say a lot about a company. How do you choose a company to host your website and which website hosting plans might be right for your business? When you choose a website host, you are choosing a place for your website to live, like a city or neighborhood where you rent or buy your house. Companies offer space for rent on their servers where you can keep the files of your website.

Domain Name

The domain name is the name of your website. It is similar to the address of your house. It should be short, simple, and memorable so others can find it easily. Many web hosts offer free or reduced-price domain names with their web hosting services. A domain suffix such as .com will be added to the name. Business websites should try to use a .com domain address because they tend to be easier to remember for most customers. Domain suffixes like .us and must show proof of residency in those countries. Other domain suffixes such as .org require proof that your business or organization qualifies.

Design Tools

Most web hosts come with installation or design tools to streamline the website creation process. If you are a beginner to website design or do not have much time to spend on your website, it might be easier to look for a host which has a website builder tool. These tools can allow users to enter basic information and choose from some options to make their website in an instant. Some hosts only offer installation tools of various website software, but installation tools may need more advanced skills to create and maintain the website.


If your business plans to sell products or services online, you should consider finding website hosting plans with e-commerce tools already available. E-commerce software allows you to input product photos and information so customers and clients can purchase those products and services. Some e-commerce software can be connected with current financial software so that transactions are immediately sent to your financial software database. Your website host should be able to help you determine the best e-commerce software for your business needs.

Additional Features

Many hosts offer a variety of other services which can help your business. If your business is just getting started, you should ask your host about the ability to upgrade your service if your business grows. Many website hosting companies have several different packages which allow your website to grow with your company. Email addresses for you and all your employees can also be beneficial to your company. These addresses will have the same domain address as your website, and your employees will look more professional as they do business with customers. Marketing and social media tools can also help you share and advertise your business. Finally, reporting and analytical tools can help you track your marketing and internet reach.


With website hosting plans to fit every need and budget, you can create a business website to promote your products and services. You should choose a plan which offers you the services you need for the price you can afford.