How the Negative Reviews Impact Your Business? Know the Best Ways to Deal with It!

During the past few years, online reviews have gained much popularity. Today, people decide, which services or products they must buy, where they should travel, what should they eat, and so forth based on such online reviews. Thus, online reviews have become one of the most important aspects of every business on the internet.

Businesses across the world are engaging in review and reputation management at one level or other. Just like positive reviews, negative reviews too can leave a great impact on the reputation and many other aspects of your business. Does your business too have negative reviews that are posted online? Wondering how they may affect your business? Well, the following are some of the best yet simple tools that will help you in measuring impact that the online negative reviews can have on your business’ overall reputation.

Track Incremental Direct Leads

Before you get started, it is import to ensure that you use your current data as point of reference that will help you track your progress as well as impact your engagement. Check out your current revenue. Identify what percentage of customers that walk to your door originate from third party review websites directly or have used those sites to further research about your business before committing to buy anything or avail your services. Once you have the base numbers, many of the review sites offer you with number of booking actions that take place in the review site profile.

Invisible ant colony metaphor

If you notice an ant in the kitchen, you can easily assume that there is entire colony of ants nearby that may not be noticed at the moment. Similar principle applies even to online reputation. For instance, if you send proposal and hear from potential client that they are afraid of hiring your services due to bad reviews, there can be number of other customers, whom you may never hear from. These days, most of the people are making use of review websites to hire any business as they generate drastic consumer confidence especially for costly products and services.

How to deal with negative reviews?

Negative reviews are good reminder of what can you do better in future. However, dealing with them properly is crucial to maintain great reputation. Here comes the role of Aaron Minc who has specialized in the area of the Internet defamation. He will offer cost effective legal solutions for it. The following are some of the simple tips to handle negative reviews smartly.

  • Apologize for their experience publicly. Invite them back for another experience and let them understand that you are there to make it right. You can even let the consumer know the steps you take to ensure that the same situation don’t happen again.
  • In case, you find that they were never your customer, address that well in your response to them.

Negative reviews indeed have a great impact on your business and sometimes can be discouraging to handle. However, make sure to do your best to address their concerns well and let the situation turn around.