The Need Of Making The Marketing Campaign Search-Centric And Customer Centric

A majority of customers using internet as source of information have changed the focus of marketing campaigns. This makes the knowledge of search engines and SEO an important part of marketing campaign and the need for integrating SEO into the overall marketing strategy a key point for the success of a marketing campaign. The visibility of ad campaigns in search plays an important role in the brand building exercise and the generation of business and revenue.

The content quality in content marketing

The importance of quality of content is paramount in case of search engines. The inclusion of keywords that facilitate the search of a brand’s content. Whether the content is present on an internal website or at third party websites is necessary to increase the visibility of the brand related content. The quality of the content and SEO based online promotion decides the success of the online content marketing strategy.

The online public relations

Public relations have been an important part of any marketing campaign or the brand building activities. The emergence of internet as a marketing and PR tool at various online avenues like social media platforms highlights the importance of search engine optimization for brand building and its sustainability. The search rankings or the order of a brands contents in a search engine result are greatly influenced by the social media marking indicating a need for fine-tuning the PR of a company according to the new online requirements.

The internal website and search engine rankings

The website of a company, its design and the quality of content affects the search engine ranking of your company or brand. Various factors affect the search engine rankings of the website like design, loading speed, coding, content quality, conversion rates, number of ads, etc. The SEO plays a key role in website and content designing and the website coding to increase the search engine rankings.

Customer centric segmentation and analysis

The use of internet for searching and shopping has proved the importance of the customer centric segmentation and analysis. The presence of ads in relevant sections enhances the visibility of brand to a particular segment of customers.

For example, the presence of car advertisement in the auto section of different websites will increase the visibility of particular car brand among the segment of viewers/customers already interested in the automobile related content providing an increased potential of a sale.

The segmentation is dependent on the coverage, timeliness and quality of the customer data. Coverage deals with the user information like their profile and their offline and online behavior. The data quality refers to the reliability of this information especially the user interests, demographics and commercial transactions whereas timeliness is timely capture of data and turning it actionable.

Nowadays the success of an online marketing campaign is dependent on the search-centric and customer centric approach. The search-centric approach not only enhances the search rankings thereby contributing to brand building and visibility of ad campaigns in search results but it also results in an increase in dedicated customer base. The customer centric approach facilitates in designing campaigns that are effective in providing maximum conversions hence the revenue.