Most Common Queries People Have on Data Recovery Software

A business contains sensitive data such as financial statistics and customer’s personal and financial information. Losing this data can be a big loss to an organization. This software is designed mainly to recover folder structures and files that have been lost. If you find that the file has been destroyed, then you can still retrieve the contents of the files using an efficient data recovery software. There are a few questions that you must ask when considering this software for your business.

How Much Time Does a Data Recovery Software Take in Recovery of a Formatted Drive?

Using this software, one can recover drives in just two hours of time. It is a great time saving way to completely recover your data on a drive that has been formatted.

Is this software successful in recovering all data present on the drive?

According to recovery explorer professional review, to successfully recover all files, it is very important that you start using the software soon after losing your data. This will enhance the possibility of data recovery. On delaying the data recovery process, there can be a possibility that the missed data get destroyed or gets overwritten.

How should I search my deleted files: in a particular folder or in the entire drive?

It is very quick to search for deleted files in the entire drive. It takes less than a minute to perform this search. Data recovery software reads the indexes of files for all files that are present on the drive. It takes less than a minute to do this task. All you need is to run “Recover Files” functionality. Now search “Deleted Files (Recommended).”

Once this is done properly, you will find your deleted files recovered in a new folder named “Deleted.” If you don’t get your missed files in this folder, then choose the option “Deleted and Lost Files.” This is comparatively a longer process than the earlier one.

Is data recovery software helpful to recover data from faulty drive?

Sometimes it happens that the drive makes a grinding or clicking noise. This indicates that the drive has gone through a physical failure in the drive. With continuous use of such faulty drive, it can lead to additional damage. This can further cause permanent loss of data. In such cases, it is advised that the drive should be quickly switched off and assistance of a data recovery software service must be used.

Is data recovery software capable of repairing faulty drive?

No. Data recovery software only works by recovering lost files. This repair tool does not repair the drive.

Does data recovery software help in recovering data even after reinstalling Windows?

Yes, one can recover old folder structure and file after reinstallation or reset of Windows. All that one requires is to perform a “Recover Drive” search.


Data recovery software is the need of every business. There can be several causes that can result in loss of data. To prevent your business from coming to a halt, it is important that a business must invest in this software. This information will definitely enrich your knowledge about data recovery software and aid in your purchase.