Intellectual Property Risks On Social Media – All You Need To Know

The world is changing and developing at a rapid pace because of advancement in information technology sector. Social media is the gift of information technology itself. Basically, the invention of social media was done to develop social interaction without location and time constraint.

Gradually, many people have started using social media as the channel for branding and marketing of their company and products. The social media also helps the companies to build up their client base. There are many benefits of having social media along with you, but, it also has many drawbacks.

The intellectual property and social media are very vulnerable these days. The usage of social media cannot be controlled or manned so easily. Many people might be using the intellectual property without keeping you informed. The intellectual property means that intangible asset which is generally the outcome of creativity Such as the patents, trademarks, copyrights etc.

What is at risk?

There are many things which might be at risk if you are using social media as a platform for your business:

  • Important data – The confidential data of the company is the first thing you would have to secure from leaking out. To protect your important data, you should have a very strong social media IP protection plan with you.


  • Freelancing employees – The employees of your organization may be claiming that they are working for your organization on their own personal websites. Many companies allow the usage of their company names by freelancing employees, but if you are allowing doing so, make sure you have already drafted policies for the same.


  • Brand Image – It takes a lot for any company to build a brand image. But all the brand image of a company might be at risk if the brand name is used by any consumer in a wrong way. The consumers are not aware of what they are doing but it might cost high on your brand image.


  • Trade secrets – The trade secrets of your organization may be at risk when the company is having its presence over the social media. You should make sure that your confidential data of the company should not be let loose over the social media by the employees of your company.


  • Cyber squatters – Many people register the names of well known and established companies as their own domain names and even try to resell those at a huge profit. Though it is illegal to do so, but you still should be careful about cyber squatters.

It is the need of the hour to have your organization’s presence on social media if you want to flourish your organization to higher levels. However, the intellectual property is always at risk on the social media.

It is very difficult to keep a track of when and where your organization’s name is being used in a wrong way over the social media. It is even more difficult to find out the people who are doing so. You and your employees should always be aware of your intellectual property rights.