Handling Negative Responses Wisely and Smartly To Maintain Your Brand Reputation

A decade ago, internet was different. Businesses were not winning consumers but selling to passive audience. Consumers hardly expressed their viewpoints or dissatisfaction, so the communication landscape was low. Today, this situation has changed, radically. Websites are not just static pages or magazines. Business success depends on user generated content and regular response on social sites.

Prospective, existing, and past customers are tweeting about your business. They post a comment on Facebook about your product update or tweet about your customer service. If you desire to succeed then you cannot think about skipping people’s opinion, voices, and reviews. Even if there is a poor feedback, don’t panic but take steps to repair it using constructive techniques. This shows how genuine your business is.

Aaron Minc is internet defamation lawyer. He is also one of directors of News Board of Cleveland Jewish and has handled many online defamation cases. He says that some of the negative comments are generally mentioned by enemies or competitors to spoil your brands image. You can read his views on this link http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/features/special_sections/local_lawyers_super_attorneys/privacy-issues-when-posting-publicly-should-be-a-concern/article_b8c76c34-e3d6-11e6-9a49-639b03e251c6.html.

Negative reviews never give a positive feeling but that doesn’t end the world. Let’s be optimistic by saying there is always a chance to improve. Any negative comment can make your business even better. So if you receive any negative comment, gab this opportunity to fix the issue. Reply to the unsatisfied commenter and keep the conversation going on.

Here are few steps to understand how you can respond to negative comments –

  • Positivity
  • Handle patiently
  • Highlight your strengths

Maintain Positivity

Businesses are run by humans, so they can make mistakes. So, in case there are any negative comments posted don’t blame your-self but respond in a positive manner, so that it leaves a positive impact on all those who’re reading it.

Handle the situation patiently

All the customers differ in their behavior. From some of them you may get an abusive and humiliating comment. You can’t help because it is their way of expressing, but if you lose you temperament and fire back then things might get worst.

Whenever you see poor comments maintain calmness and think a lot, before writing. Ensure that you don’t use any harsh words that might worsen your reputation. Polite replies always cools down the other side and you gain respect from those who are reading them.

Highlight your strengths

Every kind of business has its strengths and vulnerabilities. Therefore for every negative comment, first apologize and then mention the strength of your business like quality products, friendly staff, and better services. Even if the customer is not right avoid taking a defensive step. Always acknowledge their concern and make them feel they are being heard.

Always remember the line “Customer is God and God is always right”. Negative feedbacks from customers give you a chance to evaluate your product or services. Be smart when you apologize and move wisely.

If your reputation management efforts lack commitment to restore or protect your online brand image then approach professionals.