Exiting Verizon Wireless Smartphone Plans With Smart Features

Currently, Verizon has made few great changes to their plans to attract customers. First of all the price of the plan also increased because the data has been increased by 2GB. Now Verizon offers twice the amount of data than before. In general, the M plan has been increased by $5 and now it is $50 per month because data is also raised from 3GB to 4GB. Similar to this, now the L plan cost will be $70 per month and date also increased from 6GB to 8GB.  Even the XL plan will be cost around $90 per month and increased data range is 16GB.  In addition to this XXL plan offered at the price of $110 and data, the range will be 24GB.

New verizon wireless smartphone plans

In general, Verizon has lost customers to other service providers including Sprint and T-Mobile because the competitors also have same plans like Verizon’s new plans. So Verizon also made lot of changes to gain new customers. Verizon’s new plans are available to attract previous as well as the new customer. With the introduction of verizon wireless smartphone plans, Verizon has also introduced My Verizon application. This will give the ability to control different features and option in the data plan. It is the new app, it has the ability to control Safety Mode, even you have possibilities to turns it on or off with ease. The new Verizon features as well as options are available to cut down overage fees. Now, most people go with the XL or XXL plans to enjoy ultimate options. The customers with S, M and L plans need to $5 per month for this feature. In addition, Verizon has added Carryover Data while using My Verizon app. By using this app user can easily see how much data are carrying to the next month.

Verizon Plans With The Ultimate Option:

Of course, existing customers will not be forced into the new range of plans because they have the ability to choose whether they want to keep the original plan or also have possibilities to change to a new one. For these plans, there is no credit checks required, absolutely no strings attached as well a1s no activation fee. Most importantly you can able to get the device without an annual contract. The smart plans made to attract customers; these are highly affordable at the same time reliable because there are no hidden fees. By choosing the best plans you can enjoy limitless features like unlimited texting in the U.S etc. Regardless of what network they are really on, even you can also enjoy verizon wireless smartphone plans with participating carriers in Puerto Rico, Mexico,  Canada but the smartphone Wi-Fi plans does not applicable or support for the data package purchase options. Therefore consider choosing best plans to enjoy ultimate features, if you have any doubts about the plans you must take the online reviews. It is the great way to compare exact price details with its specification.