Do You Know Shocking Facts About Viruses?

Are you aware of the shocking facts about computer viruses? A computer virus is basically a program that may harm computer and its files in some way.

Viruses can be spread in the form of some image, audio or video attachments, email messages etc. Sometimes, viruses look like that you are downloading some software, but after downloading that software, it harms your system. Such software is referred to as malicious programs or software.

Facts about Viruses

i) Almost 90% of the mail today contains virus

It has been researched that nowadays 90% of the emails are comprised of the malwares to fool innocent users. Attackers send mail by collecting email addresses in illegal way and send some advertising content to users to steal their passwords, bank details, confidential information etc.

ii) Some virus writers work for cyber crime organizations
It has been surveyed that around 70% virus writers are responsible for creating virus programs and malwares for the computer. Many organizations hire those virus writers for hacking the personal details.

iii) Thousands of viruses every month
It has been found that every month, almost 6,000 new viruses, or malwares are created by virus writers. Therefore, millions of viruses are created every year.

iv) Myth that getting a virus by opening the mail
It is a myth in the mind of most of the people that as soon as open some malware mail, you get a virus in your system. However, it is false because virus is only installed when you either click some link in that mail or you open an attachment in the mail.

v) Virus writers are usually young

It has been researched by Gordan, expert on psychology of hackers and virus writers that persons who write virus programs are young and many of them are in teen age. Many of them are not even aware of what they are actually doing and what harm can their virus program do to the systems.
vi) Amazon brand used as target for phishing attacks
A fake email was sent to many users using the name of Amazon that Amazon is offering £10 to customers who will

fill out a survey by clicking on this link. Many users for the greed of money clicked on the link and filled their confidential information that made attackers to steal information of customers.

vii) 1 out of 15 anti-virus is infected

It is a fact that out of 15 anti-virus you search on internet, one of them can be an infected malware program that has been designed in such a way that it may force you to download for removing viruses but that program is actually nothing but a virus itself.
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