Do You Have A Creative and Unique Writing Style? Super Tips to Develop Your Voice!

One of the most interesting ways to tell a story is through the storyteller’s voice itself! It might be a companionable voice, anonymous voice, or even an authorial voice. Most of the modern novelists and storytellers allows the facts about their character to emerge gradually and are mostly conveyed by speech and action.

The authorial voice is best suited when any knowledge is provided to reader. However, it is slowly becoming unpopular since it detracts from the realistic illusion and reduces emotional intensity of experience that is being represented.

Each of the writers has their own unique style. Most of them repeat some particular works, expressions, or phrases. There are even patterns in which they tend to arrange their works in the sentences as well as paragraphs. Their writing even carries a tone that can be recognized. The term that is used for the author’s distinctive writing style is called “Voice”. Online voice reader programs have the ability of inculcate natural voices for the text that is read aloud.

Sometimes, it may take many years for the writers to develop their own stylistic voice. Some of them even have natural voice while others work to craft unique voice with particular attitude or tone.

In fact, voice is one of the important elements when it comes to writing. After all, it lets your readers connect with your own work. If you too want to stylize your tone, taking help of text to speech reader can be beneficial for you. Read on to know how you too can develop your own writing style in the best way.


Your manner and tone drastically change depending on the person with whom you are interacting or taking with. For instance, you likely won’t talk to your mother in the same way in which you talk with your close friend, right? So, apply this same technique to your own writing as well. Identify your target audience and know how you can talk to them!

Study literature

While you can study literature in formal setting, you can even study on your own too. For instance, you can read multiple works by same author. Take proper notes about identifying features of writer’s voice. The best way to learn is through comparing writing styles of multiple authors.

Be your best

Try writing naturally. Don’t think much while putting your words down. You can focus more on the ideas, thoughts, as well as images you are expressing. You can even review your piece to analyze your voice. There is reliable voice to text online programs that can help you out.


Many of the creative works are in one way or other emotional. Horror stories too have a brooding or scary tone. Romance may range from humorous to passionate. So, ask yourself whether your voice’s emotional tone matches with the tone of your content or not.

The best way is to visit and know how TTS software can help you in developing your voice. With the help of above points, you are sure to craft a voice that is identifiable and unique!