How Can Plagiarism Badly Impact Your Academic Score


Plagiarism is considered to be a dangerous offense in each area. When talking about academics, a little plagiarism in the submission can result in losing significant marks. Thus, it is very important to be aware of the damaging consequences of plagiarism and avoid plagiarism in any form from the submission.

How does plagiarism can easily be detected by your professors?

Students generally have their own style of composing essays. Professors have years of experience, so they can easily find out if the essay has been written by the student or have been copied from somewhere else. Changes in the choice of words and the style of presentation can put them under suspicion.

Any attempt of the student to camouflage a particular sentence or groups of words by any other odd expression or word can be easily detected by their mentor. Once their doubt gets proved, it is very likely that you will be put at a great risk.

Thus, to prevent any sort of plagiarism in your work it is very important to understand the reasons that cause it and beneficial ways to avoid it.  There are several reputed essay writing firms that you can approach and get help with essay writing.

What are the signs of plagiarism?

Plagiarism can happen in various forms. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Exact usage of someone’s quote without adding quotation marks
  • Copying someone’s intellectual property word for word from the beginning till the end
  • Not attributing the quote or credit to the author in a proper way. Just mentioning the name of the author is not enough. You need to use an appropriate style guide
  • Close “paraphrasing” to the original text

What are consequences of Plagiarism?

Besides killing grades in the exam, re-using someone’s ideas without attributing them can negatively influence the chances of a student in getting to a good college. For students in college, plagiarism is often viewed as an educational wrongdoing. It can even result in getting banned from the education institution and thus impact their expert profession negatively. Plagiarism is an illegal activity and can cause severe repercussions for a student.

How to avoid plagiarism in your content?

Refer to Google

Prepare your writing content, after doing extensive research. Ensure that you read the content on various sources, before writing one. Get the idea and write it in your own words. This will help in reducing the chances of plagiarism, to a lot of extent.

Cite the reference

It is important to properly specify the source address in the “reference section”. Learn the right way to do the citation and use it, whenever you use the same sentence written by another writer, in your article.

Take help of plagiarism detection tools

There are plenty of free plagiarism detection tools available on the web. Use them to find plagiarism in your work and make changes, accordingly.

Plagiarism is a very deceptive thing. It can lead to expelling a student from a scholarly organization. Follow these tips to secure better grades and promising career prospects.