Blockchain Applications That Would Help Small Businesses To Grow

The way blockchain helps in managing the business would help in changing and revolutionizing the way business is done. The way it works as a combination of smart contracts and immutable ledger has completely changed the way an enterprise works.

Many organizations these days think of bringing the blockchain technology into their company atmosphere. But, before incorporating the technology into the company, one must have all the knowledge required about the technology.

Some of the blockchain applications, which would help the industry to grow are:

Money transfers and payments

Blockchain is an efficient way to receive and send money. It is a cryptocurrency and hence, makes the process much easier and a safe one. It charges a minimal amount of money transaction for the process and helps in the direct transfer of funds anywhere in the world with least effort.

The reason for the process being so fast is that there is no third party involved in between which slows down the process. Hence, this would help the small business to make their transactions fast and efficient.

Distributed storage in the cloud

Block chain services allow its users with fast, affordable, and a secure way to store all their data over the web. Usage of hard disks and drives to store the data of an organization would cost lot more than using cloud storage for the purpose. It helps in saving a lot for money for the organization and also a lot of space on the systems.

Loyalty programs and gift cards

It offers gift cards to the retailers and makes the process much more secure and cheaper by eliminating the middle person in the process. It uses its verification capabilities which it has an alliance with Gyft Block and makes use of it to issue a gift card digitally to the employees and make it securely tradable over the web.


Raising the required sum for starting the business is one of the most important aspects while starting any business. It might take lots of efforts and time to raise the required sum. But with the help of cryptocurrencies like blockchain, companies can be self-sufficient in raising the required sum.

Investors are ready to invest in the ICO’s, Initial Coin Offerings as they seem very lucrative and profitable to them in the future. Hence obtaining the required funds and raising the capital becomes an easier task altogether.

Security and privacy

Blockchain services must be able to ensure that the safety of all your financial transactions and all other transactions that you make over it are safe and secure. It helps you in keeping all the transactions of your business safe and accessible to only a few individuals. It keeps all the transactions transparent and hence ensures safety in the business.

Conclusion Hence, blockchain can really help a small business to grow in the competitive market and enable it to make its impact in the market. Blockchain has excellent facilities attached to it all these can be utilized to help the business grow.