7 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

Creativity plays a key role in developing a successful advertisement copy. In case you are about to launch your campaign, you should reach out to a reputed company providing digital marketing agency services for the necessary support. The advertisement copy needs to be powerful, which will draw potential customers towards your brand. Here are certain tips for writing a clickable search ad copy.

  1. Focus on your uniqueness

A generic approach in developing your ad copy is not likely to be successful. With too many brands competing in the market, you need to be unique with your ad. It is wise to collaborate with a company specializing in digital marketing services. They will help you in identifying your USP and craft the advertisement accordingly.

  1. Special offers

When you provide special offers to the customers, you need to craft the headlines in an attractive manner. This will help in drawing the customers towards the deal. From time to time, you need to come up with special deals and discounts. These act as sales-boosters, that increase the short-terms sales of your product or service. At the same time, this helps to strengthen your brand image. When you reach out to a reputed digital marketing agency, the experts will guide you about campaign planning.

  1. Develop an actionable CTA

Well, an actionable CTA induces the customers to take prompt actions. You may want them to start a free trial, or fill out a form. In nay case, your CTA has to be powerful. When you develop the ad, focus on the language in the CTA. It should be appealing enough to generate an action from the end of the customer.

  1. Including keywords

Advertisement copies, integrated with keywords, work out well. It is necessary to include at lease one keyword in the advertisement copy. This will help the customers to identify your brand. The success of an advertisement largely depends on the SEO strategy of the brand. The experts at the digital marketing agency will help you out with your SEO strategy.

  1. Keep your advertisements updated

The reputation of a brand depends on the timings of ad placements to a large extent. Therefore, you need to keep the advertisements updated. When you keep these ads relevant, the customers can get the desired products or services in quick time. The companies providing digital marketing services will keep the ad copies updated and relevant. Old and expired ads cast a negative impact on the customers.

  1. Use statistics in your ads

When you develop your ad copy, you should be as specific as possible. Use numbers and statistics in the ad copy, that the users find authentic and reliable. This enhances the quality of the advertisement, making them more effective. Make sure to add discount percentages, reviews, rankings and other elements in your ad copies.


  1. Matching the copy to the landing page

A good landing page has a positive psychological effect on the customers. The established companies providing digital marketing services ensure that the landing page matches with the copy. This gives a consistent look to the advertisement.

Get across to a reputed company providing digital marketing services to develop a clickable search ad copy.