5 Reasons to Host a Webinar

If you are looking for a way to bring more interest toward your business, consider hosting a webinar. Whether you’re an SEO expert or talking about the best way to clean a carpet, purchasing webinar software and speaking directly to your audience offers many benefits.


You’ll Prove Yourself as an Authority on the Subject

Hosting a webinar allows you to establish yourself as an expert in the field as well as to show off your own personality. By showing the human behind the company, you gain trust from customers and potential customers. To easily accomplish this, connect yourself to your audience by stating why you are speaking, be passionate and tell personal stories. It helps to use your webinar broadcast software to practice first so you are more confident during the real deal.


You’ll Get to Know Your Target Audience

You could always benefit from learning a bit more about your target audience. At the end of your webinar, host a question and answer segment that allows your audience to vocalize their needs, wants and concerns. By doing this, you begin to understand exactly what motivated them to check out your company and how you can tailor your offerings to meet their needs.


It’s an Affordable Way to Get Your Message Out There

Purchasing webinar software is much more affordable than renting space or booking hotel rooms and airfare to host a conventional meeting or weekend conference. By creating a webinar, you not only save your business money but also save your potential customers money and time because they’ll be able to watch from their own living room instead of paying for babysitters, transportation, hotel rooms and everything else that adds up when traveling.


They Can Create a Revenue Stream

There is no rule stating that your webinar must be free. Many interested parties will be more than happy to pay for a webinar since, as stated, it is still more affordable than traveling to a physical event. However, before you slap a price tag on your webinar, you must ensure it is of the highest quality. If you don’t provide enough information and value for the people who purchase it, they will likely ask for a refund. Keep in mind that revenue from a webinar can be unlimited. If you charge $200 for 200 people to attend a live event, you’ll only earn $40,000 and that’s before you take out costs. If you charge $50 for a webinar and 10,000 people purchase it, you’ll make $500,000 and only need to pay for the cost of your software.


You’ll Generate Quality Leads

Hosting a webinar is an excellent way to generate genuine leads from people who are truly interested in your business; after all, if they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t pay for it. As customers sign up for your talk, you will be able to collect important information such as their email address, job titles and why they are interested in your services. Each piece of information allows you to determine exactly what potential clients are looking for and decide how you can provide that product or service.

Don’t forget to use your webinar software to include a feedback form at the end. People like to be heard and you’ll be able to determine how to improve before your next speaking engagement.