5 Benefits of Using Google AdWords

How are you measuring the keywords you use in your ads? Without the right keywords, people may never see your pay-per-click advertising on the Google search engine. For this reason, it is important to sign up for Google AdWords management in Los Angeles. Doing so offers several benefits for your business.

Everything Is Measurable

Traditional methods of advertising — namely using newspaper or direct mail — isn’t measurable. You have no idea how many people look at your advertisement, so you have no idea if your money is going to good use. When you use Google AdWords, you can measure every aspect of your marketing campaign. Not only can you measure how many times your ad is impressed on the search engine, but you can see how many people clicked on it, how many turned into customers and ultimately, how much return on investment you are receiving.

The Platform Is Highly Flexible

Google AdWords management in Los Angeles is flexible enough to work for businesses of all types and sizes, whether you run a small spin studio or a large tech company. It is also compatible with many other marketing platforms and software systems, allowing you to download your data and analyze it against other aspects of your business. Focus on specific types of internet users, certain locations or even people using specific devices. The platform even allows you to set daily budget limits for each keyword.

The System Is Easy to Navigate

Some marketing platforms are hard to navigate, which makes it even harder to determine how your marketing campaign is doing. The Google AdWords platform is easy to navigate and very transparent. Determining who is clicking on your ads and when is as simple as a couple of clicks on the dashboard. You spend less time searching and analyzing on your own, which gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

You Don’t Have to Make a Huge Investment

Most small businesses and startup companies are on a tight budget and even large corporations need to stick to an advertising budget. Google AdWords does not require a large investment to begin advertising. Pay a small amount to create an account, bid on the best keywords and release your content. From there, you are only billed if someone actually clicks on your ad. You don’t lose money if your keywords aren’t performing.

The Platform Suggests Keywords

With Google AdWords, it isn’t only up to you to come up with relevant keywords. Once you input your ad campaign information, the platform will suggest high-volume keywords that are more likely to convert to profits. Use these keywords in areas like title lines, your ads and in descriptions for them to be most effective.

Even though Google AdWords is very easy to navigate, even for a novice, you may be too busy to handle your advertising yourself. Don’t skip Google just because you don’t think you have time. You’ll likely miss out on major profits. Instead, hire a professional marketing company like 180fusion to handle Google AdWords management in Los Angeles for you.